Potch Heritage Heroes - Miems Lamprecht, Johan Wolfaardt and Lennie Gouws


This week we honour Miems Lamprecht, Johan Wolfaardt and Lennie Gouws from Potchefstroom Heritage. The speed and efficiency with which they dealt with a query from a major bank about a property it was financing has to be applauded. The banker couldn't speak highly enough of the team.. The rapid assistance from Potchefstroom Heritage identifying the house as a graded property led to the owner signing a disclosure form with the bank saying he was aware that the property was protected. Proactive preservation at its best.

Not only are members of Heritage Potchefstroom our 'Heritage Heroes' for the week but we have decided to publish the email praising their work as a front page article. [It is fantastic to note the proactive steps being taken by the bank as well]

"Let me open by saying I have nothing but praise for what the heritage society is doing in Potch... I don’t even get the same level of service from my own members of staff at the bank. The team were absolutely incredible!

My query started out with a mail to Lennie Gouws to find out if a property one of our clients wanted to finance in Potch was protected under the National Heritage Resources Act so that we could make them aware of this before we agreed to bond the property as collateral for a finance application. The mail was sent after 5pm to Lennie on a Tuesday night and at 8pm the same day I had a reply stating that she had forwarded the mail to Miems Lamprecht and Johan Wolfaardt who would assist.

The very next morning at 7am I had a mail from Miems asking for details about the address followed shortly thereafter with a mail from Johan asking how he could assist. I didn’t want to inconvenience either of them and told them I was emailing the other at the same time to which they responded it wasn’t an issue at all and they would get together to visit the property that day.

At 10am I received my next mail saying they had been out to the property and confirmed that it was indeed a 'level 3' heritage site. We then notified our client and made them sign a disclosure to the effect that they were aware the property was protected.

Miems and Johan went even further asking us what our plans were for the property and if we needed any assistance at all that they would be only too happy to help.

To say I was blown away by this level of service is an understatement. I couldn’t thank them enough for their assistance. Something I thought might take days or weeks was resolved in hours. I can’t speak highly enough of the Society and the service the team provided us."


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