Birds of the Verdefort Dome

Birds of the Verdefort Dome

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Over 400 species of birds ranging from tiny finches to the majestic Fish Eagle - keep your ears open so that you don’t miss that unmistaken call.



White-Breasted Cormorant

The most common birds to be found on the Vaal River, in the Dome area, are the Cormorants and the Darters. Both the White-Breasted and the Reed-cormorant are found in this area. There are a few heronries and breeding colonies along the river's edge. A big variety of ducks can be found at the slower flowing parts of the river as well as on a large selection of dams in the area. Photo by Dup du Plessis


African Fish-Eagle

Off all the eagles, the mighty and most beautiful Fish Eagle is the most prominent along the river and other bigger water areas. There are a few nesting sites, especially in large trees along the river. The Long-crested Eagle can often be seen on the Kopjeskraal road, where it sometimes rests in a tree close to the road. In summer the migrant Steppe Buzzard are found along the road sitting on the fences. Jackal Buzzard and Booted eagle are sometimes found on the Venterskroon road. Photo by Dup du Plessis


Purple Heron

The purple Heron is seldom seen, because it is a very shy bird, and would normally sit very still amongst reeds and water plants. The large Goliath Heron - the largest Heron in the world - can usually be found next to the river by the old hang bridge and next to the bridge on the road to Fochvile. Most herons and egrets are in abundance in the beautiful Dome area - Photo by Dup du Plessis


Caspian Tern

Waders and Terns can be seen on all the dams, streams and other open water areas. Especially during the summer season when all the migrants are here. At Koppiesdam the Caspian tern, Little Stint, Grey-Headed Gull, Curlew Sandpiper and even Grey Plover may be found. Along the Vaalriver and other water streams the Whiskered - and White-Winged Terns can be seen flying around. At Smaller water courses Three-Banded Plover, Common Ringed-Plover and Kittlitz's Plover will be found. Photo by Dup du Plessis


Greater Flamingo

Often one can see Greater - and Lesser Flamingos on farm dams along the road. Especially at Inlandsee, the huge pan near Vredefort, at one stage during the 2013 winter, an estimated three thousand Lesser and Greater flamingos were on this pan. Unfortunately most of these habitats are on private farmland, and one needs permission from the owner to enter, and then birders must stick to the code of conduct as specified by the Tourism Board and Birdlife S.A. Photo by Dup du Plessis


Mocking Cliff

Chat On the road and on the farms in the Dome area, especially in the mountainous areas around Parys and on the Venterskroon road, an abundance of birds can be found. The Mocking Cliff-Chat can also be found on the lower and more open areas, but prefer rocky and bushy areas where it will freely mix with Cape Glossy-Starlings, Karoo Thrushes and Bokmakierie. Cape Rock Thrush and Sentinel Rock-Thrush moves around amongst the rocks. Photo by Dup du Plessis


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